Let's meet the owners

Alan, Tina and Kayla

Also known as Mama and Papa Kingshott. They began dancing over 20 years ago and have never looked back. It all started when Papa Kingshott wanted to get a motorbike and Mama Kingshott said sure thing if you come dancing with me… Little did Papa Kingshott realise his two left feet would actually get him the name Mr Smooth on the dance floor with his laid back dancing approach and never being too far away from the bar. Whereas, Mama Kingshott had dancing in her blood from a young age and has competed in many ballroom competitions including at the famous Blackpool Tower.

Mama and Papa Kingshott introduced Baby Kingshott to the Modern Jive world. So be sure to grab them for a dance as you won't be disappointed. Together all 3 Kingshott's bring the family element to dancing and look forward to welcoming you into the Modern Jive King community along with the Crown Jules (teacher) and the rest of the Modern Jive King crew.

Kayla, also known as Baby Kingshott. Baby Kingshott has been dancing for over 10 years (no, not the puppy), it all started at a small independent dance venue where she instantly fell in love with the ease of moves and the vast array of music to dance to. As she progressed she started visiting more and more venues across the UK learning from some of the best Modern Jivers on the circuit.

Baby Kingshott started DJing for a Modern Jive company where she met her dance partner and started competing in national and international competitions. She has a real love for music and loves nothing more than to see the dance floor packed with smiling faces dancing the night away, you'll often find her sneaking off for a dance or two throughout the evening so make sure you ask for a dance if you catch her.

Let's meet the team

Julie - Teacher and DJ

Jules has been teaching for over a decade and dancing for over two. She's taught more people to dance than we've had hot dinners, and she serves all her lessons with a large helping of fun. If laughing while you're learning is your thing, look no further.

Dina & Sandra

Dina & Sandra dance all over the county and can be found dancing the night away most nights. They are friendly, full of tips and helpful hints.

Trevor & Tanya

These two have been dancing at Mytchett for years and still can't stop coming along for a boogie. Great dancers and even better if you want to have a chat and find out more about why Modern Jive is the best dance to learn.

Kevin - I.T Department

Has been dancing for well over a decade now and even though he moved up North back in 2018 he's still coming back for more. Also known as the IT department so any issues with this website ping him a message.


Jo has been dancing for many years and her love for dancing is clear to see. Jo has danced at many different Modern Jive companies throughout her dance journey and has even dabbled in a few competitions. Jo loves to share her love for dance and is always on hand to help and support our dancers. Jo is also able to dance lead or follow so don't hesitate to ask for a dance or even a friendly chat.


Our cheeky chappy Phil is an experienced dancer and lead, his style is laid back and smooth. Phil is well known on the dance circuit and a face you may see at different venues across the south coast. Be sure to grab him for a dance you won't be disappointed.