Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

General Queries

No, just turn up and pay on the door. We accept cash and card.

It is understandable to be cautious. We encourage everyone coming to take LFT before coming as a way to help keep our dancing community as safe as possible. We are also providing hand sanitiser on tables for people to use when required.

Please consult your physician for advice. Dancing is a cardiovascular excersise so may not be suitable for everyone. However there are many health benefits associated with dancing, but it is always best to consult your physician to make sure.

We have a page dedicated to this very question, click here to find out more.

We understand this feeling very well, as we all felt the same when we first started dancing. Our community is very friendly and we are sure you'll be made to feel very welcome. You can always check out the who are we page to find out more about us or message us on facebook (icon in the bottom right). We can answer most questions this way and arrange to meet you on the door to introduce you to our friendly dancers and crew.

Let us introduce you to our home, The Mytchett Centre. Click here to find out more.

Wednesday Dance Nights

Yes, we think so. But of course we'd say that. Don't take our word for it, come and talk to our members, many of which started their dance journey with us and haven't looked back since.

Something we always say is if you can move, you can dance!

No, not at all. You can come on your own or with a partner or even in a group. In the class you'll be rotated to dance with other people and during freestyle people ask each other to dance so there will always be someone to dance with.

Comfortable clothing that you can exercise in. Dance is a type of aerobic exercise so you want clothing that will keep you cool and comfortable. Shoes we recommend something that does not have a grippy sole.

Wednesday dance nights cost £10 for the full evening and £7 after 9:15 (after the lesson has finished if you just want to dance in freestyle). Many others charge for membership, but with us membership is free!

Yes, like many social dance company's membership is compulsory and this is to do with insurances. As with GDPR you always have the right to request what information we hold, if you wish to update existing information or if you would like us to remove you from our database please drop us an email.

Beginners lesson starts in the main hall at 8pm til 8:30pm. You will be taught 3 to 4 beginner moves. There is then a short freestyle of 15mins where the DJ will play a few tracks, this time can be used to have a dance, practice the routine you've just learnt or maybe grab a drink from the bar.

At 8:45 the intermediates lesson begins in the main hall while any beginners or those wishing to repeat the beginners lesson are invited to another room to recap the beginners routine and ask any questions.

9:15pm sees the start of freestyle through to 10:45pm. During the evening around 10pm we serve tea, coffee and refreshments.

Freestyle Dance Events

Freestyle is social dancing at it's best. DJ plays the tunes and you fill the dance floor. It is common for men and ladies to ask each other for dances. We have such a welcoming dance community you won't be sitting down for long.

We have three flavours of freestyle.
Friday Night Freestyle - 8:00pm through to 11:30pm
Saturday Night Freestyle - 8:00pm through to 11:30pm
Sunday Afternoon Tea Dance - 2:30pm through to 5:30pm

£10. We do charge a little more for our Summertime Ball (£12 advance bookings) as we have two rooms of freestyle, plus another room to relax in.
Membership is free.

Check out our music page for more information and a sample playlist click here