Freestyle Events

Our freestyle events come in one of 3 flavours...

Friday Night Freestyle (FNF) 8pm - 11:30pm
Saturday Night Freestyle (SNF) 8pm - 11:30pm
Sunday Afternoon Tea Dances 2:30pm - 5:30pm.

Friday Night Freestyles

It's the end of the week and you're in the mood for a good ole boogie. Our friday night freestyles (FNF) are similar to our weekday freestyles in music selection, we like to play a wide range of music genres and tempos. You can check out an example playlist of ours here. FNF events cost £10 for the entire evening and run from 8pm to 11:30pm this also includes complementary nibbles, tea and coffee served around 10:30pm, we also have a fully licensed bar in the dance hall in case you fancy a little something else.

Saturday Night Freestyles

These are usually our bigger events and includes our Summertime Ball. We hosted our first annual Summertime Beach Ball this year (2022). We had over 120 dancers attend making it our biggest event yet. Saturday nights often have something different up their sleeves from a regular FNF, this may be live music, a second room for expressive or slower tempo dances or maybe both.

Sunday Afternoon Tea Dance

It's Sunday and what do we want, well at MJK we want CAKE and DANCING, so that's exactly what you get. Sunday Afternoon Tea Dances are generally a slower tempo of music, although we also play a smattering of uptempo tracks too. As previously mentioned we serve lots of tea, coffee and cake. We like to provide a variety of nibbles such as fruit as a refreshing lighter nibble to enjoy.


You'll notice at all our events we like to provide refreshments and nibbles, what we have is very dependent on suppliers etc, but we try to include everyone in our thinking and offer vegan and gluten free options where possible. If you're unsure of any ingredients, please speak to a member of our crew as we often have the packaging or ingredients list with us.