New Website Coming Soon!

We are currently updating our website, we hope to be back up and running very soon.

While we are away our class nights and freestyles are still running at The Mytchett Centre (GU16 6AA).
For more information please email us @

Below are our upcoming dates.

SAF = Sunday Afternoon Freesytle

SNF = Saturday Night Freestyle

SAF - 28th January
SNF - 24th February (Disco and Motown)
SAF - 31st March (Easter Bunny Boogie)
SNF - 27th April
SAF - 26th May
SNF - 29th June (Disco and Motown)
SNF - 27th July
SNF - 24th August (2 Room Sumemrtime Ball)
SAF - 29th September
SNF - 26th October (MJK 3rd Birthday Halloween Party)
SNF - 9th November (Poppy Appeal with live singer Stephanie Bell)
SAF - 24th November
SNF - 21st Decemeber (Christmas Party)